The Dudes of Davie (DOD)

Lonny Greenberg and Stefan Miller are brothers from another mother who will open your mind to sports in a way that you may not have realized you were missing. Two Dads from Philly and New York who somehow ended up in South Florida. We have played sports, pee wee, little league, high school, we have attended countless historical sporting events and we absolutely love talking about sports. Look, we aren’t former players nor are we going to breakdown games because there are enough people doing that already. What we will do is remind you why you love sports, open up some old wounds because sports is pain and have kids share their opinions with us because the next generation is really important. This podcast will take you into the heart of sports and why you became a fan in the first place.

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Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Join the 'Dudes of Davie' on April 22nd as they plunge into the heated NBA playoffs. In this comprehensive episode, longtime friends and basketball enthusiasts, Lonny Greenberg and Stefan, along with NBA specialist, Andrew Geiger, break down each first-round playoff series in the West and East. They share candid personal predictions, deeply analyze dynamic matchups, and deliver player performance reviews. They also dive into surprising game outcomes, player legacies, and team dynamics. This episode is a treasure trove for basketball fans, serving fresh perspectives on teams' directions, athletes' capabilities and potential growth.
As the NBA season progresses, understanding high-performing teams' strengths and weaknesses is of utmost importance. Topics like New York Knicks' game strategies, the Lakers' potential rise, or the emergence of the game-changer Shay Gill of OKC, are delved into. The focal point of the episode is the evaluation of game-ready experience and winning momentum. Strategic moves from teams like the Knicks or Sixers are scrutinized, alongside standout performances from players like Jalen Brunson, Dante DiVincenzo, and Josh Hart.
The conversation doesn't stop there, as potential playoff outcomes also take center stage. There is critical analysis of key players like Giannis or Damian Lillard, evaluating their decisive roles in their respective teams. The discussions arouse intriguing speculations about the Bucks' odds of winning the Eastern Conference, Boston Celtics' future prospects, and Miami Heat's potential for next season.
The episode concludes with final predictions on the season's winners, a reflection on the future of the NBA, and the possible thrilling confrontations in the forthcoming months. This extensive NBA dialogue is ideal for enthusiasts who desire a deeper understanding of not only the game but the multi-layered dynamics steering it.

Thursday Mar 21, 2024

The Dudes of Davie are joined once again by friends of the pod, Alex Godshall and Vince Gravina. Welcome first-time guest, Justin Uretz, to the show.  This star-studded panel breaks down the wild offseason moves and isn't shy to make bold predictions.  The MLB season is now upon us, and this episode is sure to get you prepared.  Don't miss the most entertaining baseball preview episode out there.   

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

The Dudes of Davie dive in NFL Free Agency moves and drop hot take after hot take. The newest segment of Hall of No Hall will be introduced.  Your co-hosts discuss several past and present players and debate the merits of some of the most controversial Hall of Fame snubs and inductees across different sports.    

Friday Jan 19, 2024

Join the Dudes of Davie to recap the Wild Card and predictions for Divisional Round this coming weekend.  Stefan shares his can't miss Jets bet strategy and Lonny celebrates the Cowboys debacle. Where is Belichick heading? and much more. 

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

The Dudes of Davie are honored to be joined once again by Nephew Bren as they dissect the NFL Playoff picture. They also have reaction to Michigan's National Championship, Harbaugh speculation and much more.         

Sunday Dec 17, 2023

As we enter the holiday season, The Dudes of Davie are excited to share a truly inspiring story of giving.  We are joined by first time guest, Justin Fishman.  Justin will share his organizations mission and detail their tireless efforts to empower young men in the city of Philadelphia.  You will hear inspiring stories of contributions to the mission by some of Philly's favorite athletes.  The Dudes of Davie will of course discuss the most recent major sports headlines to cap off an episode you will not forget.      

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

The Dudes of Davie are thrilled to bring you this horrifying Halloween inspired episode with special guest Peter Matsoukas.  Be prepared to laugh and possibly cry as we recount the ugliest games ever witnessed across an array of sports.  

Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

The Dudes of Davie are back to bring you a special NBA opening night preview.  We are joined by returning guest, Andrew Geiger.  This episode is sure to raise some eyebrows with hot and even some cold takes from the past.  There is no shortage of storylines, and The Dudes of Davie are sure to get you fired up for the 2023-24 NBA season!    

Monday Oct 02, 2023

The Dudes of Davie bring you a special episode with our daughters, Ali Greenberg and Vivienne Miller.  We will dive into the minds of two 5th grade young ladies to gain some profound insight into why they continue to participate in sports.  This episode is sure to enlighten young athletes, parents and coaches from a unique perspective.  There are sure to be some entertaining stories and anecdotes along the way.  Join the Dudes of Davie for a fun episode!   

Monday Sep 04, 2023

The Dudes of Davie kick off season two with the long-awaited NFL preview. We are joined by two fan favorite guests from season one. Andrew Geiger and Vince Gravina bring fresh new prospectives and some mind-blowing predictions for the upcoming season. Enjoy a jam-packed NFL show. 

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